KIVA™ Chocolate Bars 60-180mg THC


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THC quantities are intended for reference only. Consult with your doctor to find a dose that’s right for you.
Please use KIVA products responsibly.

KIVA Confections™ is a California based not-for-profit collective. We make only the highest quality medical edibles for patients, crafted from all natural ingredients and skillfully combined with cannabis, lab-testing every batch to ensure consistent THC potency. We hope you enjoy our confections as much we love making them.

KIVA – a higher chocolate experience.

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Kiva Bars

120mg CBD Ginger Dark Chocolate, 180mg THC Blackberry Dark Chocolate, 180mg THC Mint Irish Cream Milk Chocolate, 180mg THC Tangerine Dark Chocolate, 180mg THC Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate, 60mg CBD Espresso Dark Chocolate, 60mg THC Dark Chocolate, 60mg THC Milk Chocolate


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